Emacs-IDE is hosted by TuxFamily. The project page lists the services provided by TuxFamily.

Source code

The source code is available in a Git repository: eide/emacs-ide.git.

You can get a local copy:

git clone git://

The master branch requires Emacs 24. For older versions of Emacs, you should use the 1.12.x branch. Some bug fixes and enhancements are backported, but there won’t be any official release on this branch.

The source code of the 1.12.x branch is available here: eide/emacs-ide.git (1.12.x branch).

The source code of this website is also available in a Git repository: eide/emacs-ide-website.git.
It is written in AsciiDoc and converted to HTML by Asciidoctor with a custom stylesheet.


If you like this project, and feel like contributing, send an email to

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