Emacs-IDE is released as a compressed archive (.tar.xz) of the source code. See INSTALL.adoc file for installation instructions, and README.adoc file for quick start instructions.

All versions are signed with PGP key 0xB24B750D (fingerprint: 8DDF 4E53 D02D 3511 91A5 872E 1D85 988C B24B 750D).

The latest version is also released as a package (.tar). For older versions, the package can be generated from the source code.

Important notice: Since version 2.0.0, Emacs-IDE requires Emacs 24. For older versions of Emacs, you should use version 1.12. The compatibility has not been maintained to avoid having to support different behaviours - in particular regarding windows management - for multiple versions. It also made sense to require Emacs 24 when distributing a package, since the feature is part of Emacs since version 24.

  • Replace eide-coding theme with new C styles:

    • bsd-4-spaces: bsd style + no tabulations + offset 4

    • linux-tabs: linux style + tabulations

  • Add C style option in project configuration, in order to work on projects with different coding rules

  • Move hard-coded compilation-scroll-output setting into eide-settings theme (The value is also changed from 'first-error - stop scrolling on first warning/error, which is not always relevant - to t - always scroll)

Bug fixes
  • Windows layout is broken when exiting dired mode

  • C-x C-f starts in home directory instead of root directory, when source window displays a temporary buffer

  • Buffer list is broken when buffers are renamed (same file names in different directories)

Version 2.1.1 (2015-12-12) (signature)
  • Add an option to disable beeping

  • When using project option "compile_error_old_path_regexp", replace the compilation path on the fly

Bug fixes
  • Mouse-3 key binding (hide/show IDE windows) is overwritten by cscope

  • In the project list, a project can be unexpectedly selected if the user clicks in the empty space on the right

  • Undefined window objects are sometimes accessed, or IDE windows are displayed twice, especially after having used completions to load a file

Version 2.1.0 (2015-02-19) (signature)
  • Improve startup and F5 refresh time (reduce the time that is spent to check version control status)

  • Remove DOS/Unix conversions

  • Display explicit message when xcscope.el is missing

  • At startup, don’t open the project that is present in root directory unless explicitly requested (with the new option --eide-op)

  • Add the possibility to create a project without tags/cscope symbols

Bug fixes
  • Don’t override save-buffer (it breaks some other packages) but C-x C-s instead

  • Improve language support in the menu (Perl, Python, …​)

  • Fix windows layout with Emacs 24.4 (disable desktop-restore-frames feature)

Version 2.0.0 (2014-05-15) (signature)

The version number changed to 2.0.0 because it is now distributed as a package, Emacs settings have been moved into themes, and it requires Emacs 24.

  • Add an option to modify the path of clickable filenames (warnings or errors) in the compilation buffer

  • Stop compilation scrolling at the first error

  • Add an option to support ANSI escape code in compilation buffer

  • Ask user confirmation with y-or-n-p instead of a popup (for mouse or keyboard input)

  • Don’t set default face height in color themes

  • Move "Emacs settings" options into themes (not enabled anymore by default)

Bug fixes
  • Fix compatibility with Dima Kogan’s fork of xcscope.el

  • Fix switch-to-buffer advice API (new optional argument in Emacs 24)

  • Don’t force F11 key binding (fullscreen mode)

Version 1.12 (2014-01-06) (signature)
  • Add an option for case sensitivity of tag search (default is yes)

  • Don’t try to use selected text when searching with tags (F2), cscope (F3), or grep (F4 and F6)

  • Add the possibility to customize F1-F12 keys

  • Add filters in project configuration to exclude files and directories:

    • when creating tags

    • when creating cscope list of files

    • when searching with grep
      New commands are available to temporary disable filters
      Tags and cscope list of files are automatically updated when filters are modified (or disabled/enabled)

  • Cscope dependency is not mandatory any more at installation time

  • Show keyboard shortcuts in global popup menu

Bug fixes
  • Dired mode breaks IDE windows layout

  • REF/NEW comparison breaks source windows layout

  • Buffer list is displayed in a source window when Emacs is launched with several files in arguments

  • Completion breaks IDE windows layout

  • Multiple updates of tags and cscope list of files can be launched in parallel

Version 1.11 (2013-09-03) (signature)
  • Add keyboard shortcuts:

    • Alt-Enter to show/hide the menu and output windows (same as right click)

    • Ctrl-Alt-Enter to enter/exit the projects list

    • In the menu: Enter to select a file or a function and Space to fold/unfold the symbols

    • In the projects list: Enter to select a project, Space to select/unselect a project for comparison, and Backspace to remove a project from workspace

  • Keep source windows layout when showing/hiding the menu and output windows (requires Emacs 24)

Bug fixes
  • F5 does not update buffers named file<n>

  • The menu becomes read/write when a project is loaded

  • File status is not updated when saving it if the cursor position in the menu is after the file

  • It is impossible to exit the projects list when a project is already loaded and cscope is not available

Version 1.10 (2013-02-07) (signature)
  • Add the possibility to change the project name (in project configuration)

  • Execute external diff commands in subprocesses (in order not to freeze Emacs)

Bug fixes
  • Project creation fails when a desktop was loaded before

  • Comparison with another project should not be in the action list if the file is out of project

  • Default directory is not updated when changing root directory

Version 1.9 (2013-01-17) (signature)
  • Add fullscreen mode (F11)

  • Add uninstall script

  • Add the possibility to switch to another root directory

  • Create projects list and add the possibility to switch to another project

  • Create workspaces to manage different projects lists

  • Use projects list to select another project for comparison

  • Enable F4 (global grep) even if there is no current project

  • New options:

    • Use a specific background color in menu (default behaviour)

    • Insert a blank line between directories in menu (used to be the default behaviour)

    • Start with maximized frame (now the default behaviour)

Bug fixes
  • Some C/C++ symbols are not present in menu

  • Frame size and position are changed at startup

  • Git status is not shown at startup (F5 is necessary to update status)

  • DOS/Unix conversions fail (dos2unix/unix2dos must be replaced with fromdos/todos)

Warning: The projects that you have created with previous versions will not automatically appear in your workspace. You have to open them first (either run Emacs from project root directory, or use 'Change root directory' command in menu).

Version 1.8 (2012-05-25) (signature)
  • Add "Close all files" command

  • No windows layout at startup in terminal mode (emacs -nw)

  • Use vc-diff for svn/git diff commands

  • Add svn/git blame commands (vc-annotate)

  • Reload all open files with F5 (not only current file)

Bug fixes
  • Desktop is not loaded when Emacs-IDE is loaded in a file after init (emacs -l)

  • Compatibility with Emacs 24

Version 1.7 (2011-12-15) (signature)
  • Changes in dark theme colors

  • Use of Emacs customization (instead of ~/.emacs-ide.cfg) for configuration

  • Git support (status, diff, checkout)

  • Local installation

  • New options:

    • Show menu bar

    • Show tool bar

    • Scroll bar position

    • Cscope database update (always, never, or auto)

    • Indentation offset

    • Indentation mode (spaces or tabs)

    • Default tab width

Bug fixes
  • Unwanted scrolling when clicking in the margin (because of scroll-margin)

  • Compilation output doesn’t scroll

Warning: Configuration is not migrated from previous versions. If you have modified some options, you will have to do it again with the new configuration system (customization). Old configuration file (~/.emacs-ide.cfg) is not deleted: you can check the values.

Version 1.6 (2011-04-04) (signature)
  • Keep default font (change size only)

  • Support for imenu folders in menu

  • Distinguish Emacs options from Emacs-IDE options

  • Create tags and cscope list of files in subprocesses

  • Add search for man pages

Version 1.5 (2010-11-25) (signature)
  • Support for several "source" windows (split)

  • Provide Emacs-IDE as a package to install

  • Remove Emacs-IDE update in menu (impossible with installed package)

  • Option to keep user colors

Version 1.4 (2010-07-12) (signature)
  • Use gdb graphical interface

Version 1.3 (2010-03-30) (signature)
  • Support for spaces in file and directory names

  • Show svn modified status of files in menu

  • Add Emacs-IDE update in menu (if Emacs-IDE is under svn)

  • Improve performance:

    • Reduce useless disk accesses and menu rebuilds

    • Use recursive grep instead of find/grep

Version 1.2 (2009-08-29) (signature)
  • Use ctags instead of etags

  • Updates for emacs22-gtk

  • Remove toolbar (quite useless and not well supported on emacs22-gtk)

  • Use dired mode instead of speedbar for file browsing

Version 1.1 (2009-04-16) (signature)
  • Generic project type:

    • tags are built for all languages

    • cscope is available if C/C++ files are present

  • Project deletion

  • Customizable dark and light color themes

  • Popup menu on directories (actions on several files at once)

Version 1.0 (2008-12-18) (signature)

First release

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